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As your local, public utilities, the Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments have been providing reliable power to the towns of Littleton and Boxborough, Massachusetts, and clean drinking water to the town of Littleton, Massachusetts for over a century. Beyond our core missions, we are committed to supporting projects and programs that improve our collective quality of life and enrich the communities we serve.

In meteorology, precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is deposited on the earth's surface. It occurs when the atmosphere becomes saturated with water vapor and the water condenses and fal...
In 2011, the Littleton Electric Light Department (LELD) began to allow its customers to interconnect distributed generation to LELD’s distribution system as long as the interconnecting customers followed the requirements and pro...
LELWD introduces the Green Rewards Program, it is designed to save you money! The program offers exclusive rebates and ...
The LELWD seasonal newsletter. Keeping you informed! Watts & Drops Winter 2015 Watts & Drops Summer 2015 Watts &...
Board of Commissioner’s meetings are held at the Littleton Electric Light and Water Department at 6:00 p.m. on the sch...

100 Years of LELWD

In 2012, Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments celebrated their 100th year serving the community. We hope we are here to serve you for 100 more!



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