Banner Permit Application

Policy on Banners

Effective November 2, 2015


The purpose of the Policy is to ensure that, where permitted by LELWD, banners placed on or over public ways and public property comply with reasonable regulations governing public safety. Accordingly, the Board of Commissioners has adopted the following Policy, which shall apply to all banners permitted herein.

This Policy covers banners that are placed over public ways in the Town of Littleton. It provides the rules that all banner sponsors must follow as well as the permitting process. Banner placement shall be limited to the following location:

  • King Street in the vicinity of the US Post Office.

Allowable Sponsors

Only non-profit, charitable or municipal sponsors of the Littleton community, Littleton School activities or regional/ collaborative organizations of which Littleton is a member may request permits for banners. Examples of banners that are not allowed are those promoting candidates for office, political positions, ballot questions, any election or other -voter-related event, etc.

Permitting Authority and Process

The Board of Commissioners has delegated permitting authority to the LELWD General Manager (GM). Before completing an application sponsors must read the Policy on Banners [Click for Policy] as posted on the Customer Service webpage of our website or request a copy from the GM’s office.

Sponsors may apply up to six (6) months in advance of the requested installation date. Applications filed less than thirty (30) days prior to the requested installation date will not be accepted.

Sponsors must complete an “Application for Banner Permit” form (located at the bottom of this page), and submit it via hard copy to the GM, or through the Submit button on the form.

The GM will issue permits within two (2) weeks of receipt of the application. If there is a problem with the application, the GM will contact the sponsor promptly. Space for banners is limited, and applications will be reviewed and approved on a first-come-first-served basis. However, banners related to municipal activities will have priority.


The permit fee will be waived for town or town-related events. A town or town-related event is an event that a town department, town board, or town committee is the sponsor. All other permissible entities shall pay a fee of Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars.


The Town assumes no liability in the installation, removal or storage of banners. LELWD shall not provide any services pursuant to this Policy without having first received a completed application and the required permit fee (if any).

Installation and Removal

LELWD is responsible for hanging banners and removing them. LELWD will make its best effort to hang a banner on the requested installation date. Because of mitigating circumstances the hanging of a banner may be delayed.

The sponsor must deliver the banner to the LELWD administration building at least one (1) week prior to the installation date. Banners will be installed for a period not to exceed fourteen (14) continuous calendar days.

The sponsor may choose to either:

  1. Retrieve the banner from the LELWD administration building within one (1) week of the removal. OR
  2. Authorize LELWD to dispose of banner.

Size and Technical Specifications

  • Height: 30 to 36 inches
  • Length: 12 to 25 feet
  • Durable material with wind slits
  • Grommets along the top and bottom spaced about two (2) feet apart.


Banner Permit Application Form [Or Click Here to download and Print Policy and Application Form]

  • Note: Banner shall be delivered to the LELWD Administration Building. LELWD WILL INSTALL AND REMOVE THE BANNER.

  • Please remit Banner Fee Payment of $200.00, Payable to the Town of Littleton

  • For Office Use Only

  • Permit Approved ___________

  • Permit Denied ____________

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