Water Projects

Nagog Hill Road Water Line Replacement

As part of the Town of Littleton’s Nagog Hill Road Reconstruction Project slated to begin later this year, LWD will work with the selected contractor to replace 2200 linear feet of existing water line beginning at Newtown Hill Road. Existing AC Water Main which has outlasted it’s life expectancy will be replaced with new Concrete Lined Ductile Iron Water Main. Along with the new water main, associated fire hydrants and water services which serve our customers along this road will be upgraded as well. The new water main has a life expectancy of 100+ years.

Cobb’s Well Installation and Flow Testing

LWD drilled two additional 450 foot deep bedrock wells and made improvements to the existing 600 foot deep bedrock test well at the Cobb’s Pond well site in late 2016. In 2017, LWD will continue this work by lining the wells to ready them for use as future production wells, conducting 10-day pump tests to determine their sustainable yield, and filing all necessary permit applications with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to bring these wells online. It is anticipated that the site will provide an additional system capacity of at least 300 gallons per minute.

Meter Replacement Program – Ongoing throughout 2017

LWD has begun switching out our water meters throughout our entire service area. We are changing out all residential customer meters over a three year period in order to improve efficiency and accuracy of our meters, as well as incorporate our meter reading system with Littleton Electric Light Dept. The new meter will help to alert LWD in the event a customer may have a leak, saving customers money, and conserving water as well.

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