April PFAS Update

LWD customers received a March newsletter outlining maintenance plans which may impact PFAS levels for the month of April. All consumers can assist LWD by reducing their water use in April. The lower the demand, the less water LWD will need to pump from the Spectacle Pond well.

LWD now has a contract signed to begin the cleaning and take Beaver Brook Well offline on April 8th – April 30th. LWD will send a notification out once this project is complete. Please register your email to receive these updates here


LWD offers a bill credit for consumers who are pregnant or nursing women, infants and people diagnosed with compromised immune systems. Bottled Water Rebate Form

LWD will send a notification out with updates and next steps once this project is completed.  Register your email to receive these updates here

LWD is making every effort to avoid turning on the Spectacle Pond Well. However, if there is an increase in the demand for water during April, LWD may pump water as needed to meet customer demands. 

It is important we all try to conserve as much water as we can in April to minimize the use of Spectacle Pond.