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Water System Flushing Starts October 3rd

LELWD To Begin Water Main Flushing On October 3rd

 LELWD is asking water consumers to prepare for the possibility of periods of temporarily discolored water during the flushing process.

Flushing improves water quality by reducing the buildup of sediments.

Steps You Can Take:

  • Run a cold tap for 10 minutes until water clears. If sediment remains, wait 1-2 hours & repeat.

  • Set aside clear water for use during periods of discolored water.

  • Avoid using hot water heater, dishwasher & similar appliances when water is discolored.

  • Sign up for text or voice alerts from LELWD.

Job Opportunities

LELWD General Employment Application

Please submit your resume and/or completed applications to  [email protected] or deliver it to 39 Ayer Road, Littleton MA

A position is available with the Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments for a Wastewater Engineering Technician. For more information, please see below.

A position is available with the Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments for a General Line Foreman. For more information, please see below.

A position is available with the Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments for a Utility Specialist. For more information, please see below.

Sewer Update

Sewer Update: Design Completed

Water Superintendent Corey Godfrey and LCTV host Kirby Dolak discuss progress in the project to expand the Littleton Common sewer system in the latest Watts & Drops video.  

Outdoor Watering Ban In Effect

Outdoor Watering ban in Effect

Residents Can Help Ensure Sustainable Water Supply

The outdoor watering ban will continue through 2022 and until the new Whitcomb Ave water treatment plant is completed.
This is expected to be completed in January 2023.

What outdoor watering is prohibited?

Under the ban, non-essential outdoor water uses that are prohibited include:

  • Watering lawns via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems.
  • Washing exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks, except as necessary to apply surface treatments such as paint, preservatives, stucco, pavement or cement.
  • Washing vehicles, except in a commercial car wash, or as necessary for operator safety.
  • Filling swimming pools.

What outdoor watering is allowed?

The following uses are allowed:

  • Watering of vegetable gardens.
  • Watering using a hand-held hose or watering can between 7pm and 7am.  

What are the penalties for violating the ban?

Any person violating this regulation shall be liable to the Town of Littleton Water Department as follows:

  • 1st Violation: Written warning
  • 2nd Violation: $50.00 fine
  • 3rd Violation: $200.00 fine
  • 4th Violation: $400.00 fine and reduction in water availability to allow for basic water use needs.

Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.

Why is there a reduction in supply?

There has been two factors pressuring LELWD’s overall well capacity.  The state has experienced a drought, as a result, the state has raised the drought level to 3. LELWD is still prohibiting all non-essential outdoor water use within the 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. timeframe that Littleton Water customers are already familiar with from previous years’ watering restrictions.

This recent drought is coupled with the reduced well capacity due to the presence of a contaminant known as PFAS in water from the Spectacle Pond well site.  Tests have shown that the Spectacle Pond wells have PFAS at an average of 25 parts per trillion. A temporary water main has been constructed that allows LELWD to blend water from the Spectacle Pond and Beaver Brook wells to reduce PFAS levels.

The purpose of blending the two sources is to lower the levels of PFAS below the new state PFAS standard of 20 ppt., but only enables recovery of half of the Spectacle Pond well capacity.  That means there will be less water available during the drier and higher-use summer months.

For more information on LELWD’s plan to remove PFAS from the water supply, click here.

Private Well Owners

While private well owners are not required to comply with the water ban, we ask that they do their part to conserve water, as it all comes from the same aquifer.

Drought Monitoring


Residents and consumers are encouraged to call LWD with any questions at 978-540-2222.

LELWD’s New Treatment Plant Called National Model

Press Release
LELWD’s New Treatment Plant Called National Model

Following a recent tour of the water treatment plant construction site, Congresswoman Lori Trahan called the project a national model for communities dealing with the presence of the chemical contaminants PFAS in drinking water sources.

Invitation For Bid & Proposals

All Legal Notice and Advertisement Bids will be posted here when they become available by LELWD. Select your desired notice below and follow the instructions specific to that notice. Littleton Electric Light & Water Departments reserves the right to reject any or all bids, wholly or in part in accordance with Massachusettes General Law.

The Littleton Electric Light and Water Departments is inviting sealed bids for the demolition and removal of the barn structure located at 242 King Street. Please see the IFB for more details.

Littleton Receives $250K Grant to Improve Public Safety Communications

Assistant General Manager David Ketchen, Lieutenant Governor Polito, & Engineering and Operations Manager Patrick Laverty at Municipal Fiber Grant Award Ceremony.
Press Release
Littleton Receives $250K Grant to Improve Public Safety Communications

The Town of Littleton has received a $250,000 state grant that will improve communication capabilities and cybersecurity for its public safety, electric and water departments.

Sustainable Home Program

Sustainable Home Program

Take these steps to make your home more sustainable!

Energy Assessment

Start by receiving a free home energy assessment to identify areas of improvement and create a baseline.

Sustainable Action

After your assessment, implement a sustainable action based on your energy assessment.


Apply for rebates to cover 50% of the project cost on eligible projects!

Fuel Switching

Recieve a $1,000 incentive for removing fossil fuel systems and converting to all electric!


Customers who have gone through an energy assessment and heat or cool their home with electricity are eligible.

Ready for Incentives?

Once you have received an energy assessment and implemented a sustainable action, please submit the form below.

Need More Incentives?

Check out other LELWD rebates that may apply to you!