Staff Directory

All staff can be reached by dialing the main number at 978-540-2222

Nick Lawler, General Manager

Dave Ketchen, Assistant General Manager


Erica Rooks, Business Manager

Sara Kiley, Executive Assistant

Chris Austermann, Facilities Manager

Alex Luther, Mechanic


Melissa Lyonnais, Business Office Supervisor

Laura Woodward, Business Services

Sandy Fitzgerald, Business Services

Haleigh Dufour, Business Services

Alicia Hancock, Business Services


John Lanciani, Senior Engineering Technician

Josh Deterra, Electrical Engineer

Chris Adley, Engineering Technician

Connor Reardon, Energy and Sustainability Manager


Pat Laverty, Engineering and Operations Manager

Dave Lizotte, General Line Foreman

Rob Hunt, Working Foreman

Matt McFarland, Distribution Supervisor

David Wirzbicki, Inventory/Procurement Coordinator

Mike Dutcher, Lineman

Joe Fiorello, Lineman

Tom Guillot, Lineman

RJ Rooks, Lineman

Trever Snyer, Lineman

Luis Bonilla, Apprentice Lineman

Ryan Dame, Apprentice Lineman

Gavin Duhamel, Apprentice Lineman

Derek Cokonis, Apprentice Lineman

Brian Grimes, Line Clearance Trimmer II

Phil Peloquin, Line Clearance Trimmer I


Corey Godfrey, Water & Sewer Superintendent

Paul Denaro, Water Production/Treatment Supervisor

Jim Gavin, Senior Wastewater Engineering Technician

Matt Silverman, Environmental Manager

Joshua Walsh, Environmental Analysts


Greg Leger, Foreman

Matt Ahearn, Treatment Systems Operator Step II

Kyle Marcos, Treatment System Operator

Mark Perron, Utility Specialist

Chris Sammarco, Utility Specialist

Allan Woitowicz, Utility Specialist