Electric FAQs


You can either apply for service here or by stopping by our office. We are open Monday-Thursday 6:30am to 4:30pm.

LELD may require, in accordance with MGL Ch. 164 Sec 58A, a cash deposit equal to an estimated bill for three months service, from customers renting property as security for payment of the customer’s indebtedness.

You may terminate your service by informing the office of your move out date, scheduling a final reading, and providing a forwarding address. Contact Us

You will need to contact the office and speak with a customer service representative.

All of the electric rates are found on our website under the Electric Rate Schedules.

Our fees are explained in our terms and conditions, which can be found here.

There are several ways that you can pay your bill.  You can pay by cash or check by stopping by the office, or you can pay by check through the mail.  You can also pay and manage your account through our customer portal

Yes!  LELD does allow for the interconnection of customer owned generation.  Please refer to our Distributed Generation webpage for more information. 

Yes!  LELD offers net-metering, Rate 70.

No, an LELD customer must own the property and the distributed generation in order to interconnect to LELD’s distribution system.  Any energy generated from a third party would have to be purchased directly by LELD through a purchased power agreement.

No, energy generated from a solar system must be applied to the meter of the account holder of record.  Applying the energy usage to another account or property is not permitted as that is considered retail wheeling and not allowed in LELD service territory.

The maximum allowable residential interconnection is the lesser of 15 kW (AC Rating) or a system sized estimated not to produce more annual energy than the previous 12 months of the customer’s bills. The lesser of 8 kW (AC Rating) is eligible for net metering.

The max allowable small business, small commercial, or small industrial (Rate 20 – Customer Demand less than 40 kVA) interconnection cannot be sized larger than a system that annually produces more than 50% of the energy of the previous 12 months of the customer’s bills.

The max allowable large business, large commercial, or large industrial (Rate 30 and Rate 40 – Customer Demand greater than 40 kVA) interconnection cannot be sized larger than 50% of the highest monthly peak demand from the previous 12 months of the customer’s bills.

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