Electric Rate Schedule / PPC

Purchased Power Charge (PPC)

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Designation: MDPU 190

Applicable to:

All filed retail rate schedules referencing this clause.

Rate Charges:

The object of the PPC clause is to recover the total cost of power supply including losses.

The “total cost of power supply” is defined as the sum of the fixed and variable costs of power (including fuel and pool interchange net costs), and the cost of transmission of electricity by others, recorded in the FERC Uniform System of Accounts under account numbers;
555 Purchased Power;
557 Other Purchased Power; and
565 Transmission of Electricity by Others.

There shall be added to each monthly bill, for each schedule, an amount equal to the total kWh billed
during the month multiplied by the Purchased Power Charge determined as follows:

PPC = A + C


PPC = Purchased Power Charge
A = Estimated average cost of purchased power for the calendar year per kilowatt-hour sold as forecast by the Department, net of charges or credits for NEPOOL interchange, plus the total savings credited to Residential customers under the PASNY Power Credit Clause.
C = Adjustment for past differentials between purchased power cost incurred and Power Cost Adjustment revenues collected.

Effective: April 1, 2015