MLP Solar Rebate Program

LELD is working with the Department of Energy Resources and our energy service agency, Energy New England, to make solar technology more affordable for our customers to adopt in renewable energy.

Littleton Electric customers who want to install solar panels can now apply for a generous incentive through the MLP Solar Program. LELD has pledged $50,000, which the DOER will match, for a potential total of $100,000 in program funds. The MLP Solar Program will award $1.20 per watt for approved projects, with LELD and the DOER both providing a matching contribution of $0.60. Awards will be dispensed on a first come, first served basis to solar projects that meet specific requirements.

Program Highlights:
  • Rebate levels are set at $1.20 per watt of installed solar production.
  • Participating customers may be eligible for additional financing options through  the Mass Solar Loan program.
  • Only customers with renewable generation systems approved by Littleton Electric will qualify to receive the rebate.

Please review the Program Manual for more information.

For approved renewable generation systems, customers must follow LELDs 2018 Interconnection Standards.

For systems eligible for net metering, view LELDs net metering policy

For Customers interested in the program, view the customer information packet.

For Contractors interested in the program, view the contractor information packet.

To apply for the rebate, please fill out and submit

More information on these documents can be found here.

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