Safe & Reliable Drinking Water

Littleton’s public water supply is a safe and reliable source of drinking water. Regular testing shows Littleton’s public water supply, as delivered to consumers, meets all MassDEP standards and is safe for all consumers.

The presence of the PFAS chemical compounds in our environment is of concern to LELWD.  We are closely monitoring our drinking water wells and groundwater. Quarterly testing shows LELWD’s drinking water supply meets the state limit of 20 parts per trillion for six PFAS compounds.

If at any time LELWD water no longer meets the state standard for PFAS, LELWD will immediately notify consumers by mail and public notices.

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New Water Treatment Plant

In June 2021, LELWD broke ground on a new water treatment plant on Whitcomb Avenue. The plant will remove PFAS chemical compounds, as well as iron and manganese, from water sourced from wells at Whitcomb Avenue and Spectacle Pond. 


Learn more about the Whitcomb Ave. Treatment Plant project.

The new treatment plant project was in response to the 2019 discovery of the chemical compound PFAS in levels exceeding the state limit in the one Spectacle Pond well. LELWD immediately stopped use of the well and implemented short-term and long-term plans to ensure the drinking water met state standards.

Use of Spectacle Pond water has been greatly reduced, and its water is only used after dilution with water from the Beaver Brook wells to ensure the finished product meets state standards. With the completion of the Whitcomb Avenue water treatment plant, all water from the Spectacle Pond well will be treated to remove PFAS compounds.