Renewable Opt-In Credit

(Previously called the Renewable Energy Credit)

The Littleton Electric Light Department offers a credit to all residential electric customers who choose to receive this credit.  This is possible because the Littleton Electric Light Department receives certain financial incentives to invest in and develop renewable projects, and we want to give these financial incentives back to our residential electric customers.  In order to receive this credit, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources requires that our customers opt-in to this program.  The credit amount that we give back to our customers will depend on how many Littleton Electric Light residential customers choose to receive this credit and how much revenue Littleton Electric Light receives from these renewable projects.  We anticipate that the customers who choose to receive this credit will receive $0.50 to $5.00 off their electric bill each month!
If you are an electric residential customer, and want to receive this credit, please submit the opt-in form below.


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