Source Water Protection

The town of Littleton integrates land-use planning, environmental audits, and groundwater monitoring in an aggressive and comprehensive aquifer and watershed protection program. Begun in 1981, much of the success of the program is due to a cooperative relationship between community planners and industrial and commercial developments. One important factor in the program’s success has been the water department’s effort to foster a cooperative partnership with the business community. Through communication, assistance, and non-adversarial monitoring, the program has become a close environmental partner and consultant to local industries and businesses. Because of its effectiveness, the program has been recognized as a model for the development of wellhead protection strategies in many New England communities.

Aquifer and Water Resource Protection Bylaw

View the Aquifer and Water Resource Protection Bylaw excerpted from the Littleton Zoning Bylaws.

Groundwater Monitoring Program

More than 100 groundwater-monitoring stations are located at over 30 properties within the community, and are maintained and sampled by the water department. All compliance-monitoring costs are borne by the regulated bodies.

Environmental Audits

Water Department environmental personnel conduct environmental audits of regulated facilities to ensure compliance with Littleton’s Aquifer and Water Resource Protection Bylaws and other state and federal regulations. This typically consist of a walk through inspection to assess the environmental liability of products at the site, with recommendations offered for safe storage and handling procedures.

Stormwater Management

Click here to view the Town of Littleton Low Impact Design / Best Management Practices Manual.

Click below to view a 2 minute video describing stormwater pollution and ways that you can help!