Water Main Construction on Great Road

Water Main Construction on Great Road

Construction of a water main on Great Road from Lawrence Street to Beaver Brook Road will begin on October 6th. Digging a six-foot trench and installing pipe will disrupt traffic along the route. 

Residents in the area of Great Road please note:

  • Great Road and adjoining streets will see construction activity for four to six weeks, starting October 6th.
  • Construction can be expected 7 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., Monday to Friday.
Road Access:
  • Residents may temporarily be unable to exit or enter their driveway or side road while a trench is open. The construction crew will work with residents to get them in and out of driveways or side roads as needed during construction. No egress should be blocked for more than a night unless complications arise. Work is expected to progress at a rate of about 200 feet per day. Residents should plan accordingly.

Why Do We Need This Water Main?

The new water main will connect a portion of the distribution system that does not contain water main. This installation will improve fire flow capacity, water quality and overall system hydraulics.

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