Townwide Flushing Begins May 6

Townwide flushing begins may 6

A townwide flushing of the water distribution system will begin Monday, May 6th, and continue through June. Flushing will be done by zones, starting with Zone 1 on the southwestern edge of Littleton. (See the map below.)

Check here for weekly updates on the tentative flushing schedule by zone, starting with Zone 1 and proceeding in order. The zone being flushed may see discolored water, but it is possible for discolored water to appear in unanticipated areas. LELWD recommends storing clear tap water for use in the event of discolored water.


Flushing may cause temporarily discolored water, but when completed, will result in clear tap water and fewer instances of discolored water. In the event of discolored water, run a cold tap for 10 minutes until the water clears. If the water remains discolored, wait one hour, and repeat the process.

Water crews will use unidirectional flushing for a better clean using less water than conventional system flushing. Crews will close gates in the system to isolate pipelines and create a high-velocity flow in one direction. Flushing removes sediment and build-up inside the pipe to improve the water’s appearance and taste. Customers could temporarily experience discolored water while the sediment is being removed. Running a cold-water tap after the flushing is complete usually clears up any discoloration.

If you have questions about the townwide flushing, please call us at 978-540-2222.

Steps You Can Take:

    • Run a cold tap for 10 minutes until water clears. If sediment remains, wait 1-2 hours & repeat.
    • Set aside clear water for use during periods of discolored water.
    • Avoid using hot water heater, dishwasher & similar appliances when water is discolored.
    • Sign up for text or voice alerts from LELWD.