New Service Application

We are happy to process your application for service online. If your home already has an electric meter or existing water service, please fill out the form below at least two working days prior to needing service. Unfortunately, we are not able to process applications online where there is no existing meter or water hook-up. Please call the office at (978) 540-2222 and our staff will be ready to assist you in getting your service set up.

Please note that light and water are municipal departments and automatically place a lien on property for all outstanding electric and water bills. This should be considered at any real estate closing.

All fields in the application, unless otherwise noted, must be completed in order for us to process your request. Be assured that any information you provide herein is considered confidential and is not shared, transferred or sold to any company, organization or entity outside of LELWD.

Payment of Bills: All bills will be payable upon presentation. If not paid within receipt of next billing, service will be subject to termination after proper notification by Department. A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for renewing service if terminated for nonpayment. Copy of terms and conditions available upon request.

All new applications and notices to discontinue service must be received in person or in writing 2 days in advance.

The base customer charge is waived for senior citizens (age 62 and over) and handicapped persons. Please call to let us know if you fall within either of these categories and we will gladly remove the charge from your bill.