Cedar Hill Water Tank

Cedar Hill Tank Project

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Starting in early December, work will begin on constructing the metal water tank. Please see the “Cedar Hill Neighborhood Letter November 2021″ for more details.

Construction of a new water tank on Cedar Road is planned to begin on June 7th. Please see the “Cedar Hill Neighborhood Letter June 2021″ for more details.

Thank you for joining us on September 23rd, 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern to learn more on the Cedar Hill Water Tank Project. 

The Littleton Water Department has begun the process of replacing the existing water storage tank on Cedar Road with a NEW Storage Tank which will be constructed on the parcel abutting the existing water tank parcel (34 Cedar Road). The first step in this process was retaining the services of Tata & Howard, Inc. for the design and construction oversight of the New Cedar Hill Water Tank.  Over the next several weeks you may notice some activity taking place at or near the existing tank site, as survey and soil borings are undertaken to assist in the design and layout of the new tank.  The Littleton Water Department, along with Tata & Howard, plans on hosting an information session with abutters sometime after the New Year to present the plan and take questions from abutters. 

Georgetown Water Tank

A few facts about the project: 

  • The existing water storage tank was constructed in 1950 and holds approximately 485,000 gallons of water.
  • Similar to the Georgetown Water tank photo above, the new tank design will be a composite concrete pedestal and steel tank with similar volume as our current tank on Cedar Hill.
  • The existing Cedar Hill Tank is critical to LWD’s ability to meet the daily demand of our customers, as well as maintain proper pressure in the Long Lake neighborhood.  Therefore, it will be necessary to keep the existing tank in service while the new tank is constructed. 
  • Once the NEW Storage Tank is completed and in service, the existing storage tank will be removed and the site restored. 

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.