Debt Service Fee



What is the Debt Service Fee?

In 2015, the department separated the debt service fee from the water rates. This shows customers how much they pay to operate the water system versus how much they contribute to capital improvements.

The debt service fee is collected to pay off loans that financed the construction of water infrastructure projects.

Debt Service Fee Rate

The current cost of the fee is $0.00412

How is the Debt Service Fee Calculated?

The Debt Service fee is calculated by taking your current bills usage and multiplying the usage by 0.00412. This will give you your amount due. 

Average Water Usage

The average water usage is 13,554 gallons per quarter or 150.6 gallons a day. 

This would make your average debt service fee $55.844.

Ways to Save

Homeowners and businesses can lower their water bills by reducing
the amount used. We urge our customers to conserve water not only as a precious natural resource, but also to reduce their bills.

Check for leaks in your plumbing and irrigation systems. A leaky toilet can double total usage over three months. Lawn irrigation systems can be the source of leaks that go unnoticed because they are outside the home. Use a smart irrigation controller and do not overwater.

Current Water Projects

Cedar Hill Tank                                                     Whitcomb Ave. Treatment Plant    

Cost $2.7 Million                                                    Cost: $18 Million

 Spectacle Pond Water Main                             Water Main Replacement

Cost: $3.3 Million                                                   Cost: $3.8 Million

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