Electric Rate Schedule / Rate 10

Residential General Service

Download PDF of Electric Rate Schedule 10

Designation: MDPU 410

Superseding: MDPU 310

Applicable to:
In the Towns of Littleton and Boxborough, any dwelling unit for all residential purposes; churches and associated buildings for religious or educational purposes.

Character of Service:

120/240 volt, 3 wire, single phase
208/120 volt, 3 or 4 wire polyphase
60 Hz, a.c.

Rate Charges:

    1. Customer charge: (*)$ 5.00 per month
    2. Distribution Energy charge:$ 0.0265 per kWh
    3. Distribution Adjustment Factor: As set forth in the currently filed Schedule DAF.
    4. Purchased Power Charge: For all kWh’s, a charge per kWh to recover the cost of purchased power and transmission in accordance with currently filed Purchased Power Charge (PPC).
    5. Renewable Energy Credit: A credit is given to residential electric customers each month based on discounted purchased power from Niagara Falls Hydro and various renewable power purchases. See Rate Schedule: Rate REC.
    6. ECS charge: State regulations mandate that a fee be collected from all customers to cover the cost of the Energy Conservation Service. See Rate Schedule: ECS Rate.
    7. Minimum charge: The Customer Charge plus the ECS charge.

(*) – Customer Charge waived for Senior Citizens (see LELD policy)


Payment shall be upon receipt of bill.


All dwelling units will be individually metered. Common use will be metered and billed separately to
building owner.

Effective: September 1, 2018