Electric Rate Schedule / Rate 20

Non-Residential, Business, Small Commercial, Small Industrial

Download PDF of Electric Rate Schedule 20

Designation: MDPU 420

Superseding: MDPU 320
Applicable to:

In the Towns of Littleton and Boxborough, any nonresidential, business, small commercial or
industrial use with less than 40 KVA of demand in any billing period.

Character of Service:

120/240 volt, 3 wire, single phase
208/120 volt, 3 or 4 wire polyphase
60 Hz, a.c.

Rate Charges:

  1. Customer charge: $10.00 per month
  2. Distribution Energy charge: $0.0322 per kWh
  3. Distribution Adjustment Factor: As set forth in the currently filed schedule DAF Rate.
  4. Purchased Power Charge: For all kWh’s, a charge per kWh to recover the cost of purchased power and transmission in accordance with currently filed Purchased Power Charge (PPC).
  5. ECS charge: State regulations mandate that a fee be collected from all customers to cover the cost of the Energy Conservation Service. See Rate Schedule: Energy Conservation Service.
  6. Minimum charge: The Customer Charge plus the ECS charge.


Payment shall be upon receipt of invoice. A periodic interest charge of 1.5%, annual interest rate 18%, will be added to any unpaid previous balance on the bill.


Individual shops and offices will be individually metered unless specifically waived by the Department.

Effective: September 1, 2018