Electric Rate Schedule / Rate 30

Commercial, Industrial Power Service

Download PDF of Electric Rate Schedule 30

Designation: MDPU 430

Superseding: MDPU 330
Applicable to:

In the Towns of Littleton and Boxborough, a commercial or industrial use with a maximum demand
equal to or greater than 40 kVA and less than 200 kVA. A customer may also qualify by:
1. Being an owner of a building, which was previously leased and is completely empty, using electricity for the sole purpose of maintaining the building’s integrity.
2. Occupying a building or portion of a building, with more than one meter, and qualifying for Rate 30 by means of total KVA demand.

Character of Service:

208/120, 240,480 or 480/277 volt, 3 or 4 wire, three phase, 60 Hz, a.c.

Rate Charges:

A. Customer charge: $40.00 per month
B. Distribution Energy charge: $0.0126 per kWh. This Charge is also applied to the kWh output of customer owned interconnected generation.
C. Distribution Adjustment Factor: As set forth in the currently filed Schedule DAF.
D. Distribution Demand charge: All billable or metered kVA demand units at $ 9.15 per demand unit, defined as the maximum 60 minute metered kVA demand units in current month. This Charge is also applied to the kVA output of customer owned interconnected generation.
E. Purchased Power charge: For all kWh’s, a charge per kWh to recover the cost of purchased power and transmission in accordance with currently filed Purchased Power Charge (PPC).
F. ECS charge: State regulations mandate that a fee be collected from all customers to cover the cost of the Energy Conservation Service. See Rate Schedule: Energy Conservation Service.
G. Minimum charge: The customer charge plus the ECS charge.


Payment shall be upon receipt of invoice. A periodic interest charge of 1.5%, annual interest rate 18%,
will be added to any unpaid previous balance on the bill.


Minimum term of service, one year. 90 day written notice required for waiver of minimum charges.
All usage shall be through one meter unless metered separately for Department purposes.

Effective: September 1, 2018