Electric Rate Schedule / REC

Renewable Energy Credit (REC)

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Designation: MDPU 194

Applicable to:

In the Towns of Littleton and Boxborough, all Residential Rate Schedules.

The Town of Littleton through the Littleton Electric Light Department has been allocated a portion of the output of certain renewable energy sources, including federally licensed hydroelectric power projects in the state of New York, and various hydroelectric, solar, and wind power projects located in New England.

Rate Charges:

The savings each month in power costs from these renewable power projects will be credited on a per kWh basis to each residential customer, by dividing the Department’s total monthly calculated dollar savings by the total estimated kWh to be billed to all residential customers in the current month. The amount per kWh to be credited will be multiplied by the kWh consumed and will appear as a line item on all residential bills. For Community Solar Projects, as defined by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, residential customers must elect to receive these credits.


No bill shall be reduced below the minimum charge in the applicable residential rate schedule as a result of the Renewable Energy Credit (REC).

Effective: September 1, 2018