Free Shade Tree Program

Save Energy & Help the Environment!

The 2020 Free Shade Tree Application Is Closed

What You Need to Know:

– Trees provide natural cooling and consume carbon dioxide

– Best planted within 30 feet of east, west, southeast or southwest side of the house

– LELWD crews will plant the trees in a location mutually agreeable to the homeowner and LELWD

– A mature tree can lower energy use between 100-250 kilowatt-hours per year

Enjoy the shade, beauty and other benefits of two new maple trees in your yard!  Sign up now to for trees planted this autumn by LELWD.

“Mine are getting so tall in just a few years since being planted! Thank you LELWD.”

– Barbara, LELWD customer

Some Restrictions apply: Two trees per residential LELWD account. No repeat customers. The first 100 applications will be accepted!