Private Area Lighting/Rate 80

Private Area Lighting

Download PDF of Electric Rate Schedule 80

Designation: MDPU 280

Superseding: MDPU 180
Applicable to:

In the Towns of Littleton and Boxborough, any customer other than the Town of Littleton, for outdoor lighting including unaccepted streets.

Character of Service:

The Department will own, install, service and energize lights of the size and type listed below, to be connected directly to the Department’s existing facilities. Light fixtures will be energized from approximately 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise, about 4,200 hours annually.
Additional poles or facilities at extra cost.

Go here to apply for Private Lighting.

Fixed Monthly Charge:

For each light and pole, to recover the cost of the light fixture, hardware, pole, and maintenance.

Type Approx. Lumens Approx. Monthly
kWh per Fixture
Monthly Charge
175 MV Roadway 8,000 67 $4.40
400 MV Flood 22,000 158 $8.75
1000 MV Flood 63,000 354 $15.93
50 MH Roadway 4,000 21 $4.55
100 MH Roadway 9,600 41 $5.81
400 MH Flood 32,000 157 $12.79
1000 MH Flood 140,000 385 $14.29
0 to 50 LED Roadway 2,480 10 $6.83
51 to 100 LED Roadway 4,806 30 $8.72
101 to 150 LED Flood 48 $19.19
35′ Pole N/A N/A $4.00

Purchased Power Charge:

For all kWh’s, a charge per kWh to recover the cost of purchased power and transmission in accordance with currently filed Purchased Power Charge (PPC).


Charges for lighting services will appear as an item on a customer’s electric bill and bear the same terms as the customer’s general service rate.


Lamp replacement and maintenance will be performed as soon as possible following notification by customer for the need for such service. No light shall be more than 150 feet from the Department’s existing overhead distribution facilities. The customer shall agree the Department will not be required to move its facilities to another location on the customers’ premises unless the customer shall bear the cost thereof. Customer hereby agrees to take service for a minimum period of 12 months, unless the customer’s right to occupy the premises ceases during such period. This schedule reflects actual expenses incurred in operation and maintenance, including fuel.

Effective: April 1, 2015