Sewer Department

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During the October 2019 Special Town Meeting, the residents of Littleton passed two significant articles relating the the development of the Sewer Project. Littleton residents were recently mailed a letter that informed them on the updates of the Sewer Project.

LWD hired an engineering firm to conduct a peer review of major sewer efforts completed prior to October 2019. Part of that review was a hydrogeologic evaluation of the Littleton High School to support the construction of a proposed groundwater discharge for LHS.

The Home Rule Petition authorized by May 6, 2019 Annual Town Meeting was amended to transfer the supervision and control of the sewer district from the Board of Selectmen to the Board of Water Commissioners.

A Sewer Working Group has been created by LWD to review, evaluate and present sewer project information to the Board of Water Commissioners. Another goal of the group is to ensure full transparency throughout every stage of the project. The members are as followed:

  • Bruce Trumbull, Board of Water Commissioners
  • Dick Taylor, Board of Water Commissioners
  • Chase Gerbig, Board of Selectman
  • Paul Glavey, Board of Selectman
  • George Sanders, Resident
  • Nina Nazarian, Town Administrator
  • Chris Stoddard, Littleton Highway Director
  • Nick Lawler, LELWD General Manager
  • Dave Ketchen, LELWD Assistant General Manager
  • Kevin Hunt, LELWD Water System Manager
  • Corey Godfrey, LELWD Environmental Analyst
  • Paul Denaro, LELWD Production Supervisor