Water FAQs

Q. How do I sign up for phone notifications?

A. You can sign up for phone notifications by clicking here or on the Community Notification Enrollment link in the bottom right corner of the page.  Once you go to the Community Notification Enrollment webpage you will need to register.

Q. Is fluoride added to the water?

A. No, there is no fluoride added to the water in Littleton. As with any other medication, please contact your doctor or dentist to determine if you or your family could benefit from fluoride supplementation.

Q. What is added to our water?

A. Visit our Water Treatment page for a list of additives and their purpose.

Q. Why do I smell chlorine in the water?

A. Low doses of chlorine are added to the water at all of our well sites to ensure that the water delivered to your tap is free from bacteria and other potential disease-causing organisms. At times, you may notice an increased chlorine odor due to the disinfection of our water storage tanks. This is temporary and will typically fade over the course of a week or so.

Q. What does it mean when my water is discolored and what do I do to rectify it?

A. There could be many causes for discolored water.  Please contact the office at (978-540-2222) and we will assist you.

Q. How many times a year do we do flushing?

A.  We do flushing two times during the year; spring and the fall.

Q. How often is the water tested and who mandates it?

A. Water is tested on a regular basis as regulated by the Mass Department of Environmental Protection. See this page for additional information.

Q. Who do we contact for questions regarding town beach testing?

A. Please contact the Board of Health for questions regarding town beach testing (978-540-2430).

Q. Hours and days of being able to water?

A. Please refer to our Water Use Restriction regulation page for information.

Q. Can we fill our pools and install new lawns during water conservation in the summer?

A.  Yes, unless a watering ban is in place.  Ban Notifications are listed on our website.

Q. How often is backflow testing required and by who?

A. MA DEP CMR 22.22 requires LWD to test backflow devices up to two times per year depending on the type of device.